Thursday, November 02, 2006

Bookmarks: Some other stuff on the web

The Glove on The Railing - because any blog which tracks down the Radio Times issue for the launch of Eldorado is alright by us: After all, how do you think the current rash of celebrity sex videos has made its way onto the Internet? Placed there by unscrupulous PRs desperate to get some notoriety for their clients? The very idea! Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson and Abi Titmuss clearly all made the same mistake and asked the old dear in the ground floor flat to pop up and water their rubber plant.

Guardian Guide - Tim Jonze meets the Gossip backstage at Friday Night with Jonathan Ross: [T]his rant about television, however righteous, sits awkwardly alongside the fact she's about to appear on one of the UK's leading chat-shows. It's this kind of compromise that the band are still trying to get used to, especially when the host's chat comes with a hostile undercurrent. "I can't believe all those questions [Jonathan] was asking his guests about fitness and weight," Beth says afterwards. [...] Luckily, there's opportunity for revenge. And when The Gossip take the stage, Beth's first venture on the mic is to ask Ross: "Are you gonna talk to me about my diet, too?" Ross squirms, ignoring the question. It's cut out of the television edit.

G2 - How Noel Gallagher Modelled himself on Russell Brand: In fact, if anything, compared with all Brand's other imitators, Noel really didn't go far enough. He is comprehensively outscruffed by the comedian. That suit is just a little too tidy. Put him next to Brand, in short, and it isn't Gallagher who looks like the rock'n'roll star.

Sweeping The Nation - an illustrated guide to Luke Haines: The press and public didn't know what to make of After Murder Park, which was probably half the idea. When we saw Haines at Summer Sundae last year he observed that a quarter of the tent emptied during this song.

Cornell Engineering Magazine - the genesis of the iPod:

While doing that run-through with Toshiba, somebody there mentioned that company’s work on a 1.8-inch hard drive, a cool engineering project that didn’t yet have a home. “If you could find a use for that, we’d really like that,” Toshiba told Apple.
Rubinstein’s familiarity with the supply chain is one reason why he was able to bring the iPod to market so quickly, said Mike McGuire, a research director for GartnerG2, a technology consulting firm. “A lot of it came down to the manufacturability of it,” McGuire says. “It’s one thing to come up with a great concept. It’s another thing to make it manufacturable.”

CNN attempts to explain "indie": In music, for example, the term refers to music produced and funded by any band or label not affiliated with the four or five major corporate labels like Sony or Epic. The same holds true generally for the music and film industry. (We imagine the poor-proof reading is an attempt to capture the indie essence. Possibly.)

Jarvissue of the Observer Music Monthly: I don't live in England any more but I came back the other day and was watching telly and that Johnny Cash song came on ['Hurt']. But it was advertising Nike trainers, and that struck me as being a particularly inappropriate use of music.

Stereogum kick off their CMJ coverage with The Cardigans: A note to sound dudes: when Nina wants less guitar, she means like now.

Dressed For The H-Bomb comes to an end after a round 100 posts: Total number of complaints about copyright infringement (even though I always felt like it wasn't really my place to make other people's music available for mass consumption) over the course of 100 posts= zero. Now that's punk.

The Rocking Vicar's Unknown Soldiers - that most wonderful of things: an un-googleable rock quiz. A veritable who-the-hell's-that of music faces. We reckon one of 'ems Ultrasound.

Today [Real] - U2's debt to A-Ha is explored.

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Mikey said...

Chap: I totally hearted you before you said something nice about me on your blog. Now I want you to live with me in my daughter's dolls-house with her Superman action figure.

Anonymous said...

Unknown soldiers: The band at the right hand side of the 3rd row down are the dB's. They feature sometime REM guitarist Peter Holtsapple. Far left, fourth row are Toto Coelo, who I seem to recall feature the daughter of Bob Holness. 2nd right, fourth row I think is Belouis Some. Middle of the 5th row might be It's Immaterial, and the Reynolds Girls are at the right hand end of the 6th row, Just above, as you say, Ultrasound. Middle of the 7th row are Screaming Blue Messiahs.

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