Saturday, November 18, 2006

Dave Gahan: "Where's the respect?"

Ooh, it must be tough being Dave Gahan. Simply because Depeche Mode spent years making highly-poppy synth-driven tunes, then discovered s&m and spent the following years suggesting their early stuff was pissweak, before releasing it on a best-of anyway and disappearing via the local dealers' patch up their own arses, then returning with an - admittedly excellent - album and yet another rounding-up of their early stuff, nobody gives them any respect:

“I don’t get it. We’re a band that has come out of England, lasted and done well. But no one seems to notice and it does hurt.

“It’s a struggle here to get recognition for what we’ve achieved. We’re that oddball band that people don’t know how to categorise. We don’t fit the rock category and are not pop.”

It's a fair point - ver Mode are something of a handy whipping boy for the critics. But then... don't you boys like that sort of thing?


Anonymous said...

It's not a fair point. They've sold shedloads of records and played massive, massive gigs in front of adoring fans. What more recognition do they want? A Depeche Mode day?

Anonymous said...

I never liked that band....

Anonymous said...

They've always had a whiff of naffness about them somehow. I think it's the lack of style combined with cheesy artistic pretensions (not to mention moving to LA and getting into leather trousers and skag). And why should the British have any fondness for them with their full-on embrace of obnoxious American teen-culture? It's not like we are talking about Erasure or Pulp.

Anonymous said...

Depeche Mode are the business. Easily one of the best bands around but are not media darlings. I've been to a loads of their concerts over the years and they were awesome performances. I agree DM deserve more plaudits than they receive. They have been together for 26 years, the tracks are original, penned by Martin and more recently Dave, and are great listening! DM have legions of the most devoted fans. I can't believe some of the manufactured hyped-up crud that wins awards these days - while bands like Depeche Mode who put in the time, have survived the highs and lows and who actually have talent go somewhat unrecognised. DM still fill venues and are on the form of their lives. Long may they continue to work together! Hopefully the band will receive the long overdue recognition from the industry they have worked in for so long that they deserve.

Anonymous said...

Easily the best band ever~!

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