Thursday, November 16, 2006

Gardening leave

It's hard to imagine how excited we are at the news Chris Cornell has recorded a solo album. We're really, really excited, I'm sure you can tell. Quivering wouldn't be putting it too harshly.

Listen to him talk about it:

“It’s not as aggressive as an Audioslave record, but much more experimental. It’s something that I’ve always done - even in the early days of Soundgarden – and I use that as a time to do a lot of things in music I wouldn’t normally do in a band, which is a lot. I could make solo records for the rest of my career and still wouldn’t run out of things to try.”

We really can't imagine how we've survived the seven years - oh, those seven lean years - since his last solo album, called, uh, something or other. We really, really hope he does make solo records for the rest of his career. Can you imagine how great that would be?