Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Jacko: Anything Israel and East Germany can do, I can do better

For a man with financial problems, Michael Jackson is throwing it about a bit on his visit to London for the World Music Awards: he's had his hotel build an 18 foot wall for protect his privacy.

Or maybe the Bayswater Hempel Hotel has put in the wall to protect its other guests from Jackson, come to think of it.

Certainly, the midnight trip to Top Shop suggests that Jackson's starting to watch his pennies a little more closely. Philip Green, owner of the chain, opened the doors specially for him and greeted the former entertainer. Wonder if Jacko took the opportunity to expand his well-reported comments on Green's co-religionists as Green danced attendance on him.

On a busy trip, Jackson also dropped by the Guinness publishing offices, to pick up some sort of award. Since he's hardly troubled the team who compile the British Hit Singles and Albums of late, it fell to the Book of Records people to deal with him - they presented a prize for Most Successful Entertainer of All Time: although that sounds so made-up: on what basis is this "success" measured?