Tuesday, November 14, 2006

MTV axe Russell

It probably won't bother him overmuch, but MTV are axing Russell Brand's 1 Leicester Square programme at the end of the year.

It's the second time they've parted company with him - they dumped him the first time because he turned up for work on 12th September 2001 dressed as Bin Laden. This time round, there's still an element dead-eyed, muddled-headed, cold-hearted ruthlessness, but it's on MTV's part. The Evening Standard reports:

MTV said it wanted to focus on producing more entertainment series in the mould of Totally Boyband, Virgin Diaries and Pimp My Ride UK.

Mmm. Why would a music TV network want to waste money having a show where bands played music when they could, instead, show people having me-so-vapid stripes on the side of their Volkswagen Beetles?

On the other hand, Brand's latest show did feature Ben Elton as a guest, so maybe an hour of a mumbling incoherent attacking his car with the contents of a downtown Orlando Motorists Discount Centre would be preferable.