Thursday, November 09, 2006

Preston declares MySpace, like, so over

Good lord, it's going to be a glum day for Rupert Murdoch - not only is he going to have to start pretending to like Democrats again, but now MySpace has died. It's expiration has been pronounced by no less an expert than Preston out the Ordinary Boys:

MySpace was important with one band in particular, Arctic Monkeys.

"Now it's on the checklist with record labels. We've got to do some in stores, sign all these posters, give away a signed guitar and set up a MySpace account. So MySpace is already dead. It's over."

Of course it is, Preston. Trouble is, nobody seems to have told MySpace that.

Preston would rather bands go back to the more natural, non-corporate wonky way of building an audience - a few small gigs, a bit of a buzz in the NME, doing a charity celebrity Big Brother gameshow and having your wedding in OK.


Anonymous said...

And also the fact that Arctic Monkeys didn't even have a myspace before they sold 300 billion albums

Anonymous said...

arctic monkeys' myspace had nothing to do with their success. the person who even ran their myspace had nothing to do with the band. it's only recently became official after he tried to sell it on ebay. get your facts right. + the sheriff (of sheffield) + demos available on their website + how good they were live = something to do with their success.

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