Friday, November 17, 2006

Robbie Williams is not filling the role of a tall, dark handsom stranger

Every year, police and council officials in Edinburgh worry about how they'll cope with the numbers who turn up for Hogmanay. We'd like to think the invitation to Robbie Williams to join the Pet Shop Boys during their New Year appearance was a bid to persuade people they'd be better off staying at home, but, being realistic, the chances are the vague prospect of seeing Williams looning about will only drag more people onto the streets.

Didn't he cancel chunks of his tour because he was so exhausted?


Anonymous said...

He only cancelled to Asian leg of his tour nothing else!
Besides all these people that are angry for hin cancelling apart of his tour have no idea how hard this on one person and how much it wears you out! Besides the man is allowed to rest seeing as he has been on tour for the past 8 months for godsakes give the man a break!

Anonymous said...

My heart bleeds for the poor dab...

Honey, he can have the rest of his life to rest if he wants - we'd be glad to be given respite from his irritating yowlings and gurnings.

Anonymous said...

when was the last time you had a day of sick!

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