Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Supporting creative people everywhere

Earlier on this week, our inbox got all pingy as an email from a PR company reached us, bringing the "secret" special Zune launch gigs to our attention.

What we thought was quite interesting in this mail was the last couple of lines:

This email has been sent with an unregistered version of MaxBulk Mailer. MaxBulk Mailer is a new easy-to-use mail merge software for Macintosh

So, the PR company handling the launch gigs use Macs, eh? Who wouldn't. Although, of course, the Zune isn't Mac-compatible, so they won't actually be able to use the device they're busily promoting.

Oh, and they haven't paid the seventy bucks to register the bulk mailing software they're using. We'd imagine the people at MaxBulk would have enjoyed the irony at the thought of gigs promoting a device which will pay a royalty to cover ghost IP rights to Universal Records being pushed by a company who haven't even paid them for the software they're using.