Monday, November 13, 2006

Syd's family writes will; does rather nicely from will

Because he was too far gone to be trusted to do it for himself, Syd Barrett's family wrote his will for him:

The guitarist’s £1.25million estate was shared among his two sisters and brother.

Some fairies and elves had intended to contest the will, claiming they had a later one which proved they were due to inherit, but their will was improperly witnessed by a unicorn and a bloke who came to read the gas meter.


Anonymous said...

Well that's how it's done if you've got over £5000 and are mentally incapable - relatives or friends apply to the court for powers of receivership. If granted they report back to the Court. They're expected to take into account your views if you're capable of expressing them. If not then normally the priority set out in intestacy rules would apply - with no spouse in question that would be first surviving parents, then brothers and sisters and so on. Sad but not unusual.

Anonymous said...

I wonder when this legal action was taken-no date for it has surfaced yet- i wonder if it was a recent event- his familky knowing he was dying-? or was it something done a long while ago- when perhaps syd was in much worse shape? he really didn't seem to have been so very unhinged in his later years -realy just seemed like a quiet old chap who had his share of misspent youth and wantyed to get on with his life peaceabley...
bless his heart he could have liuved much better off of his money-.i sure hope he enjoyed himself a bit,anyway....

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