Saturday, November 04, 2006

Take my mother-in-law... please, someone take her

If Pete Doherty ever decides to stop with the rock music (and, the more raddled his voice sounds, the more compelling an idea that seems) he could try his hand on the working men's club circuit. He's certainly building up a store of mother-in-law related grief, as he apparently is refusing Kate Moss' attempts to bring her mother and him together. He's even threatening (reckons The Sun) to not go to his own engagement party in case Linda is there.

There's a source on hand to explain more:

“Pete doesn’t care about approval from Linda but he doesn’t want any awkward confrontation with her.

“He thinks she’s made her mind up about him and there’s no point in trying to be something he’s not.

“He’s not the sort of person to be told what to do by Kate — and he does not need them to play happy families if it’s just a farce.”

God forbid that Pete Doherty ever get himself involved in something farcical.