Monday, November 27, 2006

Who knew there was still more dignity to lose?

The Osbournes adverts work has always smacked of desperation - and, since they're not short of a few bob, we can only assume it's desperation for attention at any price. But who knew that there was a down, after Ozzy's margarine pushing and Sharon's ill-fated time as the embodiment of Asda, claiming that she was a "busy mum" despite her adult children all having moved out to more-or-less round the clock rehab years before.

Last night, Sharon took up her new role: the unnaturally smooth face of Gala Bingo. Yes, she's so needy to be in front of a camera, Sharon has signed on for a truly toe-curling promotion for the online bingo games.

Sharon is seen by a swimming pool in Hollywood, denying that success has changed her (which is true - she's always been horrific) and enjoying a game of housey-housey on her laptop.

Does this mean that Gala's key target - of down-at-heel women getting on a little in years - identify with Osbourne?

The advert raises one question: Osbourne tells us that she's in Hollywood, playing online bingo. Isn't online gambling illegal in California?