Sunday, December 03, 2006

Bookmarks: Some other stuff on the web

The Independent is shown the way The Long Blondes live: "I think in the Sixties it was used to make pornos. It's got loads of amazing decor still intact, shag pile carpets everywhere, even on some of the walls. There's actually a sauna."

Also from The Independent, five minutes with Tim Burgess (and doesn't that sound like a perfect raffle prize?): Thirty-seven was rough. I'd taken my excesses to the max. I had to choose between music and drugs. I wanted to be something else.

Decibel Magazine explores the wide-ranging eBay ban on black metal, and how it catches non-Nazi bands as well: The irony is that Hogan has repeatedly complained to eBay—unsuccessfully—about Candlelight promotional CDs being listed for sale on the site. "Whenever we've asked eBay to remove these auctions that are actual copyright infringements to our artists, they haven't. But all of a sudden, we're getting all these emails from our vendors saying that eBay is pulling down their listings. One is eBay's own company policy, which is fine—even though I think they should do their research better—but when actual legal rights are being violated, we can't get them to take the listing down."

BBC News Online meets Ian McCulloch, now sponsored by crisps to find new bands: Apart from being fun, what we are doing is worthwhile. Not every good musician is picked up by the press or labels because they often see what they want to see. I would love to find something that no-one else spots.

MTV News suggests a dozen ways Britney could get her groove back: Do wear designer clothes

The Wal-Mart look was funny for a minute, but why keep it when fabulous designers like Tracy Reese, Nicole Miller, Roberto Cavalli, Giorgio Armani and Dolce & Gabbana are just a phone call away?
[The link should take you to the MTV HTML site and not the frankly shockingly poor hyper version, which seems to hijack your computer for fifteen minutes to tell you that, actually, you're not going to be shown a video you haven't even asked to see because of "copyright" - it's actually a more pisspoor effort than the Sun's new site, and that's saying something.)

Stereogum dig out Blender's 2003 Worst Artists of All Time Poll: We've got a few issues with it (Japan? Blind Melon? THE DOORS?), but things gel around the Top 4 or so.

Chromewaves goes competition crazy - you could win all your Christmas shopping, and take the next three weeks off

John Peel Every Day offers an interesting side-dish: a 1999 CD with Peel offering tips on people seeking radio careers.