Saturday, December 02, 2006

Everybody hates U2

Apparently, we have something in common with Bono: we both cringe when we hear the name U2:

"I didn't think about it for a long time and, when I did, I realised I didn't like the name."

We imagine that while we hear the name as a summation of youthful radicalism turned into self-aggrandising pompery, Bono hears it as a missed opportunity to use the words "Bono and the..."


Anonymous said...

Bono and the World's Worst Guitar Hero?

Anonymous said...

I think Bono would have preferred a name whose length was in line with his ego e.g. "The-Greatest-Band-Ever-To-Emerge-From-Dublin-No-Ireland-No-Europe-Do-You-Want-To-Buy-Some-Property-Off-Us?".

I think he should just rename the group as "The Blair, Bush and Bonzo Back-Up Band" to stop people thinking they're the same great band that were around in the 80s.

Anonymous said...

Give a dog a Bono

Anonymous said...

The rag and Bono men

ian said...

Has he realised that Bono is a stupid name too, or is that realisation still to come?

Anonymous said...

You obviuosly have no taste when it comes to great music, I feel sorry for you! U2 is so talented & their lyrics & music are the best ever, you are missing out by not getting anything out of their music! BTW, Bono is a amazing name, you need to go out & buy "how to dismantle an atomic bomb", you'll love it, start off with Miracle drug, amazing song! U2 ROCKS, get over yourself !

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Most recent anonymous:

The last thing to do, if you want people to actually like anything U2 has done since, ooh, Channel 4 axed the Tube, is to encourage them to buy the bloody records.

It started out so well, but now: all is bombast, empty, echoing sounds signifying nothing. If I get nothing from U2, it is because there is nothing there.

And Bono Vox is a stupid name. Not as stupid as The Edge, but stupid nevertheless.

Chris Brown said...

I guess at least starting with 'Miracle Drug' means you'd have to skip 'Vertigo'.

Anonymous said...

Don't skip Vertigo! Miracle Drug is a great song, I thought maybe you could get something out of that one, or at least enjoy the music, & when Edge sings, it's awesome! as a previous blogger used the word "bloody", the song bloody rocks! & so does U2!

Anonymous said...

You guys are strange.
Just because Bono is actually sticking to his cause rather than using his meetings with these disagreeable leaders to unleash a torrent of self-righteous criticism on a myriad of world issues, you take issue with him? That's just bizarre, call someone self righteous who's actually doing something, just because maybe you don't like his music, or maybe the fact that you subliminally resent him for being an ostensibly good person.
Oh right--it's "cool" to be cynical.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Righto, most recent anonymous...

What, exactly, is Bono doing?

He's pretending to be Dutch in order to avoid helping pay for the hospitals and education and welfare system in the country which educated and cared for him when he was younger.

He's the face of a Wall Street investment company.

He's managed to turn pity into a commodity through brand (RED)

When Bush was in trouble, he flew down to do a photo-op with him in the seat recently held by Mark Foley.

We could go on.

It's not cool to cynical, anonymous. But it's especially rewarding to be, judging by how the arch cynical manipulator Vox is doing.

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