Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A grand does come for free after all

Mike Skinner is celebrating a modest casino win and not being killed by polonium poisoning (don't ask us) by offering a faasand paaands (USD2000) for anyone who can tell him what the new Mitchell Brothers single is about:

“After a long day last Thursday talking to the Mitchells about their new song, it was The Beats’ Christmas dinner. I decided to have it at a casino when I saw the James Bond film.

“So Magic Mike was saying he would take it easy but, as each beer flowed, he seemed to be taking on strange powers.

“He’s not just a pretty sound engineer, he had this thing that he called ‘the vibe’ and by the time he was hammered he was always right.

“Then I got into an argument with one of the bankers who thought I’d been stealing from this Russian dude, which I thought might escalate into me getting polonium in my drink, but the security cameras were on my side. Anyway, I walked away with £1,025 cash (I woke up with £1,020 due to a lady taking £5 on the way out to work).”

So, that clears that up, then.