Tuesday, December 12, 2006

O leaker says "sorry"

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs were apparently less than delighted at the leak of Karen O's bedroom demos onto the internet, emailing the leaker to remonstrate. M - who is full of remorse - told Stereogum:

This afternoon, the band emailed me via MySpace with the simple message, "What the fuck were you thinking?" And now I feel completely shitty. Because I wasn't thinking. I wanted to share this rarity, but it wasn't mine to share. This stuff wasn't supposed
to be released; just because I stumbled onto it didn't mean I had the authority to do so.

I'm glad most people are appreciative of the files, but I feel like a total dick.

That was, of course, before they would have read Dave Sitek's response:


as far as i can see , you havent turned a profit , and i (the person you did NOT return something dear to ) feel the same as i always have about you. you are a tired and confused animal who has no grasp on consequences ( i coincidentally feel that way about ALL of our species since we have outlived our usefullness (1970) ) You gained NOTHING ... unless you and those around you who "over look " these thoughtless acts get a betray-o-rection for swiping at someones belongings and making them public .... but even still.... that boner will go down... your "hard cock idea" will go soft whe you realise that you never got any credit.... never got any money .... never got to highfive someone pretty in the sun for this ... it will probably be RIGHT around the time you are getting what you deserved for this . all you got was what you just gave me as i read about it. a heartsickening murmur and an INSISTANCE that we are dumb animals with no purpose and too much free time. we will continue to go to wars , we will die of disease , we will kill our children , we will shame our parents , we will steal from our family, we will poison the land that gives us life , we will deny the existence of the godly, and we will become extinct ... this will not help you in the least in your quest to become immortal...

Hold on there, Dave... it's a few demos which have leaked out onto the web - it's hardly on a par with biting the apple on the tree of knowledge, or sending cossacks to their death.

What's slightly disappointing, though, is Dave's supposition that there must have been a motivation to M's actions. That it didn't occur to him that M might have heard the songs, and liked them, and wanted to share them.

M shouldn't have posted them; they weren't theirs to post. But let's not go so over the top with the reactions, shall we? Some music has got to wider audience, and made some people happy. It's not quite a station of the cross on the way to Armageddon.