Tuesday, December 12, 2006

...very big house in the country...

Normally, radio presenters buy a farm and move out to the country. Alex James, on the other hand, has moved to the country and become a radio presenter.

James is going to guest on Radio 4's On Your Land. Radio 4 seem to realise this might be as popular as Oliver Stirling offering advice on warble fly to Phil and David:

Radio 4’s Steve Peacock said: “I would anticipate there are plenty of farmers who would sneer at being told about their living by a guy from Blur.

“But when they get to know him, they’ll realise he’s keen on the life and really getting a grip on it.”

"I do so love harvest, when it's traditional for young men to toil, shirts off, under a setting sun. Livestock? I make my llamas wear nappies; it does so save one's Hush Puppies when the fields aren't full of poop. Next year, my priority is to replace the top field with some astroturf. Much, much more durable, and when you have a champagne picnic with Dave Gilmour and Shaun Ryder, you'll find it's less likely to give you grass stains on your derrière, and isn't keeping our bottoms free of unwelcome staining the very essence of agriculture? Erm ... will this do?"