Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Career gone South; repuatation to follow

Journey South - yes, they're sort of still going - have got themselves into a bit of a mess. Offered a proper gig in front of some people at a hotel, they reacted badly to being heckled (which is like an Aunt Sally moaning about having balls thrown at her) and went upstairs to cause some damage.

Tables, claims The Sun, were overturned and glasses smashed:

A spokesman for Crewe Hall Hotel, near Crewe, Cheshire, said the stars refused to pay for the damage — and police were called in.

He added: “Journey South were booked for a party. They had not been on very long when someone told them to stop, and they were upset.

“When police arrived they agreed to pay £100 damages and were asked to leave the hotel.

“We did not want our other guests to be disturbed and we were also concerned that no further damage was caused.”

Police confirmed they attended the incident.

Oddly, although the hotel and police say it happened, Journey South's manager seems to have forgotten about it:

Last night their manager Tim Byrne denied any trouble at the hotel.

He said: “Journey South were booked to play one song but they played three. Afterwards they left the stage and hotel.”

Although admitting to playing three songs instead of the requested one is bad enough - that's wearing out your welcome if you like.