Saturday, January 13, 2007

It's not the money, it's the cults

As David Beckham announces that it was Tom Cruise who told him to go to LA (it's really like that bit in Brookside when halfwitted Katy got sucked deeper and deeper into evil Simon's cult, isn't it?), The Sun has one of its trademark non-stories:

PLAYBOY founder Hugh Hefner has made a cheeky bid to land Victoria Beckham for a saucy Playboy shoot.

Really? Does Playboy now carry a rake-porn centrefold?

Actually, it turns out that Hugh Hefner hasn't done anything, but two of his, erm, employees muttered something during a video shoot:

Hugh's Playmate 'girlfriends' Bridget Marquardt and Holly Madison immediately offered the former Spice Girl the chance to join them on a photoshoot in LA.

Bridget said: "She should do a pictorial with us. We've got big plans for her.

"I think she's going to fit in fine - they're both gorgeous."

Hugh said: "I think Hollywood is gonna love David. The girls at the mansion have been talking about it and want to be sure that we put him on the party list."

So, rather than Hugh Hefner wanting Victoria to sit naked typing on top of a car, some girls actually want David to turn up and drink champagne with them. Not quite the same thing.