Saturday, January 06, 2007

The long Thai goodbye

They may or may not have been sort-of kind-of married during some type of ceremony, but the perhaps-pretend honeymoon is over: Kate has sent Pete home from Thailand.

There was, apparently, a fight on the beach of some sort, which led to Thai police getting involved and, according to Pete, was the latest in a long line of final straws:

“Kate won’t talk to me. She doesn’t believe me anymore.”

He insisted he wasn’t trying to buy drugs during the bust- up after a full moon party. He added: “The guy attacked me for no reason.”

Meanwhile, the Sun has come up with a way to make more cash off Pete and Kate's back:

ARE you sick of Pete Doherty stories? If so call 0870 900 ---- and press 2, if not press 1. Landline calls cost up to 10p.