Saturday, January 20, 2007

Parlophone buy into Babyshambles

Normally, when bands sign long-rumoured deals, the size of the signing is measured in quids. It's usually a totally made-up figure, and never less than several millions, but it's standard.

Not so Parlophone's decision to take their one ep with Babyshambles to the next level: a full, long-term, public commitment; and one unsullied by talk of money and cash and so on. It's all about the art:

"We're extremely pleased to be welcoming such a vibrant and talented band into the Parlophone label," said managing director Miles Leonard.

Parlophone has cultivated some of the UK's most successful rock acts, including Coldplay and Radiohead.

"We see Babyshambles very much as continuing this tradition," said Leonard.

"They have a great reputation for crafting some of the most exciting music around today, and in Peter Doherty they have one of the best songwriters of his generation."

So, Babyshambles have hooked up with EMI, on the same imprint as Bernard Cribbins used to record for. We're expecting a Best Of (with two new tracks, specially recorded) sometime in late 2009, then. If Pete makes it.