Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Robbie Williams is not Madonna

Victoria Newton has been given an exclusive first look at the video for Robbie William's new single, and although she's confused by it:

The video for the track, co-written with the PET SHOP BOYS, has me baffled. It doesn’t feature MADONNA or any Madonna lookalikes.

... she's happy to fawn all over it:

In the video Robbie cuts a strange figure in a black bobbed wig, tons of spooky eyeshadow and smeared red lipstick. The last time he smothered himself in this much slap was so he could Entertain Us – and he will certainly get a few laughs with this.


But, yes, Williams has fallen back on the comedy basic of dressing up like a TV who's never actually seen a woman in his life. Hilarious.

But wait, Victoria has more news:

I can reveal the success of his gigs means he WILL receive a nomination for Best Live Act Brit.

Of course you can, Victoria - you'd have read that in the Mirror at the weekend, like everyone else. It's amusing to see her try and make what is a terrible Brits performance sound like some kind of ringing triumph. We wonder if she knows she doesn't have to try so hard for exclusive contacts any more.


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