Friday, January 19, 2007

Robbie Williams is not walking on toilet paper

It's not often we feel the need to defend Robbie Williams, but this morning's Daily Record seems to have missed his attempt at a joke:

HOME bird Robbie Williams reckons he's like famous recluse Howard Hughes because he goes out so rarely.

The singer moved to the States several years ago but prefers staying in to going out to Hollywood hotspots.

Billionaire playboy Hughes was a mega-rich industrialist and aviator but his life was crippled by obsessive-compulsive disorder.

The tycoon, who died in 1976, would only talk to his second wife by telephone and eventually became a total recluse.

So, is Williams drawing up plans for a wooden aeroplane? Erm, not quite: he was only joking that he'd not been to a party since Christmas:

"I haven't been out. I've been Howard Hughes for the last four weeks.

"This is my big evening."

Unless the Daily Record has some inside knowledge that he has, in fact, actually been Howard Hughes, we suspect he meant this in the way a person in the pub will say "I'm Billy No-mates" if the people he's with go to the bar and the toilet at the same time leaving him on his own for five minutes.