Thursday, January 04, 2007

Sun confused by Whitney's bra

Rupert Murdoch, catching sight of Whitney's whipThe Sun is busily patting itself on the back today after being nominated as a brand expected to do well in 2007.

And it's started the year in fine form, telling its readers all about how Whitney Houston is selling off her underwear to pay a tax bill:

SKINT star Whitney Houston is selling her UNDERWEAR — to stop the taxman seizing her home.

Singer Whitney, 43, will lose her £3million estate in New Jersey, US, if she fails to pay £500,000 in overdue tax.

Thirteen Dolce & Gabbana bras, a leather whip, old stage outfits, and a chair described as ‘Whitney’s Throne’ are up for auction.


Except, erm, as the Associated Press report shows, the Sun story is almost totally wrong.

The sale isn't being carried out by Whitney, it's being done by a storage company.

It's not to settle a tax bill, it's because her company hasn't paid for the storage of the items.

The threat to her mansion due to unpaid mortgage and taxes has been settled and the estate is not going to be auctioned.

But never mind that, eh: The Sun is a fine brand.

We shouldn't be surprised that the Sun has screwed the Houston story up so royally - even when it's writing about itself, it can't keep its facts straight. It looks forward to the "planned launch of Sun TV", something which has actually been cluttering up its website since the chronic redesign last summer. Presumably the paper's hacks ignore it the way everyone else does.