Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Their pens and their pads I'll snatch

Whoever would have thought that Chuck D isn't such a big fan of the internet, and blogs in particular? It would have seemed that a democratic media would have been cherished by D, but - just as Flavor Flav seems to shifted his politics, D has decided that the internet is so full of wrong things, the best use of his time is emailing bloggers to put them right:

Hey Laron Cue, misinformation is a terrible thing... all the original members drifted away where? I started publicenemy.com in 1998 , the first of a rap kind. [The website] would be so no info would be lost in hype.

We just completed our 56th tour, Flav only missed LA in 2002 because he was locked fulla traffic violations and we were contracted.

I guess this is the problem with blogs, they're illegitimate news sources that spread. Today's my web day and I check spread misinfos like these... lets get it right... TX and 2 S1WS Brother James Norman and Roger Chillious are the only ones that retired...

There's nothing wrong with dropping an email to point out a factual error, but how disappointing is it that Chuck D whines about the "illegitimate news sources" - have we gone from Fighting The Power to shoring up News International?