Monday, January 08, 2007

Whatever happened to Samantha Mumba?

Five years ago, she waved goodbye to music with the intention of a juicy Hollywood career. She'd landed a part in The Time Machine, playing alongside Guy Pearce and getting a plum position in the credits only nine slots below "Central Park Carriage Driver". The film was about as successful as the Time Machine itself, and since then, erm, Sam's popped up in Boy Eats Girl ("brainless, lowbrow entertainment" says IMDB), Nailed (nope, us neither) and Johnny Was - a movie more notable for Lennox Lewis' role as a dj.

In the meantime, she's been setting up stage schools in Ireland, partly with the aim of finding people to be her back-up dancers onstage and in videos. In videos? Oh, yes. For Sam is about to make her musical comeback.

What sort of musical comeback will it be? She's not saying, but there's a broad hint that we're looking at something populist:

The Dublin beauty is also currently taking part in a Channel 4 reality show, filming her behind-the-scenes attempts to storm the charts.

Another TV series about a faded popstar slogging round trying to recapture earlier glories? Why, it's not like it's a new year at all.

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Cobardon said...

I hate to picky (no, actually, it's my favourite hobby, but I digress) but the eponymous Time Machine in Wells' novel [i]was[/i] very successful, hurtling him forward through time perfectly. What he found there wasn't necessarily successful for him, but that's a different thing.

Anyway, I haven't seen the recent version. Or Mumba for years for that matter. I'm not sure anyone could say 'Dublin beauty' about her without a smirk either, really. Though I guess she's beats a morlok. Just about.

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