Monday, January 08, 2007

Why isn't Noel driven to write great music any more?

Noel Gallagher relaxes in the Be Here Now poolThe whole "buying Mike Oldfield's house and yacht" was probably enough to demonstrate that Noel Gallagher's creative slump has been created by a life of plenty, but now we know exactly how much plenty is: fourteen million quid:

Asked whether he is losing interest in the music business, Noel admitted: “Yeah. But at the last count, I’ve got 14million quid in the bank account — that keeps me interested.”

Then, regretting the slip, he hastily joked: “By the way, if anyone’s reading this — particularly the Inland Revenue — I haven’t got 14million in the bank . . . not in cash anyway.”

Oasis are mulling the idea of releasing their own records in the future (for real, rather than the pretend Big Brother "own" label) to get even more money:

“We could stay independent and instead of getting one Pound for every record sold we could get 15, or whatever.

“We’ll see what happens. LIAM is one of those guys who’d want the £80million advance, though, and to prance around like ROBBIE WILLIAMS in a furry Rolls-Royce.”

... whereas, of course, Noel happily accepted a brown Rolls-Royce from Creation. If we remember correctly.