Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Andrew WK re-emerges, tries to reinvent himself as Jello Biafra. Again.

Of all the embarrassing episodes in the NME's history, there can be few darker days than the time Andrew WK was hailed not only as good enough to be given a cover, but to be given a double cover-inside-a-cover. Sometimes, we wonder whatever happened to Andrew WK.

But not very often - we spend longer wondering what happened to Samantha Mumba, to be honest (she's running stage schools in Ireland, since you ask). Still, WK has put an end to the wondering, as he's trying to reformat himself as a Jello Biafra style raconteur - doing three nights in New York:

The talks-- titled "The Joy Trilogy"-- are billed on the club's website as "free-form soulsearching," and "participants are encouraged...to come with their minds wide and high."

Mmm. Did we say Jello Biafra? It's more like something out of an early draft of Dead Poets Society.


Anonymous said...

Samantha Mumba is actually appearing at Yates' Wine Lodge in Lewisham soon. No shit!

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Blimey - I hope she's got an evening shift when the tips are better...

Anonymous said...

Ok admittedly i don't care what Andrew WK is doing now but to say that it was an "embarrassing episode in the NME's history" is just silly... nearly every week the NME has some shitty band on the cover who actually manage, quite unbelievably, to make me long for the days of Andrew WK...

Anonymous said...

ok i take it back (anon from above again here!)... i've just looked at the nme site to back up my claim and they've got Arcade Fire on the cover... now i feel really dumb... i'll have to find some dumb music to soundtrack this feeling... I'm not sure where it is but I'll go look out I Get Wet....

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