Thursday, February 22, 2007

Church observes her own Sabbath

Scary to think that Charlotte Church is already twenty-one, isn't it?

Newton reckons that Church caused chaos - chaos by refusing to work on her birthday, although the implication that this was a whim rather than a long-standing plan doesn't really stack up as they brought filming forward to Monday, i.e. before her birthday.

Hmm. Indie production company has couple of extra days for edit. It's chaos, I tell you.

Mind you, Church hardly spent her birthday-day-off having a never-to-be-repeated experience:

[S]he was spotted treating herself to a new bed in Dreams superstore near her home in Cardiff.

After the amount of partying she did last night, I’m sure she slept well.

Maybe, Newton, but not if she was relying on a swift delivery of a Dreams bed, surely?