Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Glasto: You can now make more friends

Acting in response to some of the complaints from previous festivals that the "tout-beating" limit of two tickets per purchase was a bit tight, Michael Eavis has announced that this year, if you're able to get through, you can buy four tickets. Oh, and it'll help the planet, too:

Our stated aim has always been to combat the ticket touting and to make the ticket buying system as fair as possible. Now in response to many requests, I am pleased to announce that when tickets go on sale on 1 April, it will be possible to buy up to FOUR tickets in a single transaction.

"Not only will this be more convenient for families and groups, but it should also vastly reduce the number of cars coming to the farm."

Of course, to buy four tickets, you'll need to have three friends who have also stuck their faces into the computer matrix of proven identification that is ruling this year's festival. You've still got a couple of weeks to persuade everyone you know that they might want to pass their details to a site with only the vaguest privacy policy.