Thursday, February 22, 2007

High School Re-Uniform

North America is about to get a warm, salty blast of Brighton's Pipettes all over their lucky faces, and they've just released an expanded tour schedule of the whats and whens and whys:

March 10 - Toronto The Rivoli
11, 12 - Brooklyn, Luna lounge
13 - New York Bowery Ballroom
15 - Austin Flamingo Cantina
16 - Austin Emo's Pitchfork party
17 - Austin Beauty Bar Patio Austin

Obviously, the Austin dates are all part of SXSW, and somewhat disappointingly it doesn't look as if you can actually get food at the Flamingo Cantina. We wonder, just what is the best place for Mexican food in Austin?


Nigel R. said...

We wonder, just what is the best place for Mexican food in Austin?

That's the sort of question that can set family against family and still end in tears and spilled salsa.

And you need to be a bit more specific. Mexican (and which region) or Tex-Mex, old school cheesy sludge or healthy, upmarket or van by the side of the road?

Try Taco Town if you want a blog devoted to local tacos.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Hmmm... well, it's got to be Mexican rather than Tex Mex, and "upmarket" sits badly with the whole concept... but I'm sure anything would be better than what we get in Milton Keynes...

Anonymous said...

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