Thursday, February 22, 2007

"How about having Borrell hog-tied and inviting the others to whack him like a piñata?"

There's a vacancy not far from the hottest seat of power over at the NME. They're looking for a new features editor, apparently:

The world's greatest rock weekly is seeking a top notch features editor to speak to Britain's new generation of passionate young music fans.

The successful candidate will be bursting with ideas, be able to edit copy until it sparkles, know what NME's new audience want before they know they want it and be able to get the very best out of NME's army of eager freelancers. You will also be incredibly organised and able work well in a team.

Plus, you'll bloody be able to swallow your tongue and produce an Oasis A to Z when it's deemed appropriate.

How would a person approach and ask for this job?
To apply please complete the following potential cover feature treatment for three bands: The Twang, My Chemical Romance and Razorlight

• Cover photo concept/structure
• Main cover sell
• Feature picture concept
• Feature headline
• Feature sell
• Brief for the feature with word count
• Two potential feature pull-quotes

We're sending in a suggestion for all three which involves scrapping the whole lot and running a half-page interview with The Motorcycle Boy as the cover story.

You'll have to be sharpish, mind, as the whole caboodle closes tomorrow.


Anonymous said...


Heh, you cynic.

Anonymous said...

The Motorcycle Boy business happened I think because they were going to do a high-concept issue on censorship - this being towards the end of the broad-ranging Stuart Cosgrove era - and much of the content was, er, censored (IPC having "planted" Alan Lewis as editor entirely to sort out this "nest of Bolsheviks": specifically, the cover was supposed to be that Frankenchrist painting, and they had to create a new cover at very VERY short notice. Very soon afterwards Cosgrove et al were sacked and it became basically a populist indie mag with all those future Bannister-era Radio 1 mainstays coming to the fore.

That's how Mark Sinker tells it anyway, and he knows, cos he was there ...

PeterDee said...

I wake up bleary eyed, check my emails, laugh at the nerds on Digg, and then read an article mentioning the Motorcycle Boy. Excellent. This day will be good. Tomorrow can you mention the Siddeleys. Cheers.

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