Monday, February 19, 2007

Isle of Wight - skip the first night

The line-up for this year's Isle of Wight festival is starting to take shape - it's a baggy type of shape, not a nice crisp one you can draw with a set of geometric equipment.

Kasabian and Muse are going to do Saturday - Kasabian aren't headliners, obviously, but are given a "special guest" billing to try and make them feel alright that they're not actually headliners because headline bands have to be, you know, somehow headline-y in nature.

Friday, Snow Patrol are topping the bill - actually, then, having a headline quality doesn't seem to be a requirement at all, it turns out. Sunday, Keane are playing second fiddle to a band yet to be announced, which might be the Rolling Stones, or could also be a group who've released a decent record at some point in the last twenty-four years.

Best book an ferry trip that lets you return when you choose.


ian said...

Snow Patrol, Keane, Muse, Kasabian. Skip all three nights, not just one! Although getting them all on one island and then telling George Bush that it's Iran sounds like a better plan.

eyetie said...

Ian - telling George Bush that there's an island full of radical Islamists will no doubt lead to a night time bombing raid on Dublin so careful what you wish for...

Talking of Iran, maybe we could offer the IoW as their nuclear test grounds for the duration of the festival? I'd miss Muse, though.

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