Monday, February 19, 2007

They'll destroy us to save us: Gore against the greenhouse

Tracking all the Live Earth posts - you know, like we did with Live8:

15.02.07 - Muse consider carbon footprint implications of Live Earth
19.02.07 - Kravitz, Jovi, Duran on board; "Actually, let us die" beg polar bears
26.02.07 - KT Tunstall clears throat, begs for slot
09.03.07 - The eco-friendly gig in the throwaway stadium
29.03.07 - Republican chases Live Earth from Washington
31.03.07 - Rolling Stones say they're staying in Rome instead
10.04.07 - Full line-up announced - 'stop melting, glaciers, or it'll be Madonna gurning at you' threat
13.04.07 - Toast the dying planet with champagne and fine wines
17.04.07 - Live Earth gets just 203,000 interested
18.04.07 - Ebay introduces levy
23.04.07 - Live Earth destroys "England's Rose"
25.04.07 - More bad news: Spinal Tap reunite
26.04.07 - Dave Grohl won't get naked with James Blunt in the room
08.05.07 - Australia mumbles out its line-up
14.05.07 - Bob Geldof wishes Gore luck, asks what's the point?
04.06.07 - National Grid insists electricity must be burned during event
18.06.07 - Al Gore spends time with Victoria Newton
26.06.07 - Canned Turkey, while SA leg moves
28.06.07 - Bush for Gore? Rossdale hints at reunion
29.06.07 - Macy Gray has a Brazilian
03.07.07 - Fly down to Rio, urges Kravitz's press team

Wednesday 4th July
Desperate attempts to get Macca on board at last minute
PETA complain about the hot air rising
John Gibson complains about NBC air time
5,000 extra seats for London

Thursday 5th July
Live Earth running order announced
40% wait for Live Earth to be inspired
Live Earth launch for Gore's presidential campaign, The Spectator doesn't say
Rio on hold amid crowd worries
International names leave Germans cold
Gogol Bordello dump T for Madonna
LA's Viva Earth pulled
Rio back on. For now.

Friday 6th July
Washington brunches to save faces

Saturday 7th July
Phil Collins is "just here for the music"
Environmental stars?
Getting under way with drums and Moyles
Phil Collins turns the air blue
Razorlight promise we'll have forgotten this all in 24 hours
Gray and Rice: together in the face of general indifference
Swearing and spoofing
John Mayer stresses how ego-free he is
Madonna does the tune from Holby City
Paolo: I shall make a difference and save the world

Sunday 8th July
The papers cover Live Earth
Live Earth on YouTube
Madonna makes vague promises about the future

Monday 9th July
3AM Girls save the world
TV audiences disappoint