Thursday, July 05, 2007

"Kyle MacLachlan introduces Corinne Bailey Rae"

That, we think, is probably Live Earth's running order in a nutshell. Although, perhaps "Boris Becker introduces Damien Rice and David Gray" or "Anna Friel introduces a film" could equally show the stretch-marks on the day.

According to this running order, the big kick off is going to be Genesis doing Turn It On Again - which hardly has a "reduce, reuse, recycle" message to it; the big finish? Madonna doing, erm Hung Up. At least she's decided to get the clunking Hey You out the way early on in the session.


Franco said...

What's with Baaba Maal? Does he just turn up and smile until David Tennant materialises?

simon h b said...

meanwhile, in the Live Earth planning department...

Baaba Maal: but what actually do you want me to do?
Producer: You'll go on stage and... well, be African

Cobardon said...

That looks truly terrible.

The highlight, by some way, would be Spinal Tap. That a 25 year old metal spoof would be worthy of 3 full songs probably tells you all you need to know in the first place.

Anyone else fed up of these things? Live Aid was great way back when, but talk about diminishing's getting to be 2 or 3 every summer now.

Anyone want to bet that the message that one of the biggest helps that could be given to the planet is if western nations consume less won't be mentioned at any point?

tim c said...

'Turn it on again' does have a green message - don't leave your electrical appliance on standby, switch it off when you've finished using it, and then turn in on again when you want to use it again.

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