Saturday, July 07, 2007

Drummers? You're kidding?

We're not quite sure why the person given the job of making the opening announcement was talking in a cartoon character voice - like the dog in the Davey and Goliath christian animation, to be precise - not who thought "the drummers from Queen, Foo Fighters and the Red Hot Chili Peppers" accompanied by what almost certainly appears on the running order as "photogenic ethnic drummers" would be the best way to start the event - it's not only given the impression that this is going to be all hand-made sandals and hand-knitted shawls - but, having got the crowd to a pitch of warmth, if not exactly fever, they're now taking an age to get them off stage creating a longeur between the grand opening and the first act. Could they not at least have arranged it so that Genesis could have been getting ready while they were drumming out We Will Rock You?

Still, there's no doubt that everyone knows what this event is, and what it's about, and what it's called.

Except, erm, the Daily Mail, who seem to think it's Live Aid.

Chris Moyles is trying to sound exciting about the prospect of Duran Duran.


Anonymous said...

how smug did the rest of genesis look when big phil collins said the f-word? ho ho... f-you multinational, corporate BBC!!! it's us, the average joes against all you guys!!!

this is all rather duplicitous.

James said...

Can I salute your reference to Davey and Goliath please? I thought I was the only person alive who'd heard of it. Ever since I stumbled across it in amongst the God channels one morning, it's made for a brilliantly ropey alternative to Saturday Cooks.

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