Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Legendary stupidity

You just know that something special is going to happen when Victoria Newton opens a page with the words:

I'VE always considered soul star JOHN LEGEND a very credible artist.

Have you, Victoria? It comes as news to discover you think of these things at all, much less that you've ever weighed the credibility of John Legend.

But, do tell us what has caused you to turn your whole world on its head:
John told Star magazine: "I bought [Paris Hilton's] single Stars Are Blind.

"I thought it was a great song and should have done better even than it did.

"I'd do a song with her. It would be an interesting experience."

"Even better than it did", of course, would mean selling two copies. If Legend really wanted to work with Hilton, of course, he'd not mention the music career at all - we're supposed to all pretend that never happened, aren't we?