Saturday, February 24, 2007

Nice MySpace you've got here: The Delorentos

The Band: Delorentos


Downloadable tunes? Nope

They say: "Riffs and rhythms combine to produce powerful, intimate and captivating songs that have already won them a dedicated fan-base around Ireland through their regular live appearances."

They sound like: Better-than-average provincial indie rock

They look like: They spend some time getting their hair right

How many friends? 4,465, including The Chalets

Have they reskinned? They've chosen black

Do they blog? Tour diary, studio updates, the works

Best comment: I have an idea(not very offten)..... I am gonna get a t shit done with "In Love With Detail" written on the front and Delorentos on the back and i am gonna wear it for the week of the album release! yes it is a brain storm of an idea! wooooo

Do we learn anything? Apparently they should have won some sort of battle of the bands, but, erm, didn't

Do you really want to add Delorentos as a friend? Well... it's better than supporting Kasabian, isn't it?