Thursday, February 15, 2007

Nice Myspace You've Got Here: Maggie Horn

The Band: Maggie Horn


Downloadable tunes? Yes, the rather fine Come Movie Skyscraper

She says: In the same veign of acts such as Portishead, Esthero, Morcheeba and others she sings seductively over moody hip-hop influenced tracks.

She sounds like: Portishead warming up in a deli

She looks like: she could beat you in a drinking contest

How many friends? 1,879, including Prince Charming (not that Prince Charming)

Have they reskinned? She's gone with blue link text on a creamy-brown background, unfortunately

Do they blog? Very infrequently, but with lessons for us all: "i have since begun fantasizing about said danishes and imagined the person that goes in every day to buy the last one up before i get in there EVERY single time. well folks, some days i win.... sort of... today i got in the cafe and to my delight there was one left. i was so excited i could barely wait to chomp down. and when i did. utter dissapointment."

Best comment: "what up ! I aint beatin no ones bush!"

Do we learn anything? The song done with Crunc Tesla will also be on the Tigerbeat6 LP due out this year

Do you really want to add Maggie Horn as a friend? Yes, but bring your own pastries.