Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Slash faction

While the world waits - okay, while Axl's Mum waits - for a full sniff of Chinese Democracy, and rumours fly of a Guns N Roses reunion tour, another tantalising tease opens up: Slash is writing his autobiography.

He's got Anthony Bozza on board to do the actual writing bit. Bozza has some talent at turning a book from a man without any visible means of verifying his existence at certain points in his life, having done the tricky bits of turning Tommy Lee's "uh... there was, like, a dude... or maybe a bear" into Tommyland, which may not have been the greatest book but was more pleasant than actually having to talk to Lee to get the stories.

Yesterday, Idoaltor put something which may or may not turn out to be the first Chinese Democracy single, Better, onto their site. Guns n Roses management rushed to make them take it down - we suspect out of shame rather than copyright control - but not before it had been hoovered up for you to listen to at the HypeMachine. Approach with caution.