Tuesday, February 27, 2007

That's no lady, that was Paul's wife

This morning's Sun seems surprised that Heather Mills is appearing on Dancing With The Stars as, well, Heather Mills:

LADY HEATHER McCARTNEY has dropped her title as she launches a TV career in America.

Mucca, 39, signed up for Dancing With The Stars, the US version of Strictly Come Dancing — but insisted on appearing only under her former name Heather Mills.

(Yes, they're still clinging to the "Mucca" nickname. Let it go now, please.)

Maybe the paper has missed that bitter divorce battle?

They're convinced she's up to something, and have discovered a "source" to explain it all:
“Legally, Sir Paul can’t stop Heather from using his name. She is entitled to call herself Lady until the day they divorce.

“But Heather is calculating. If she used Paul’s name to earn money, he could claim that half of it was thanks to him.”

Maybe. Or, erm, maybe she's divorcing Paul and doesn't want to be appearing under his name.

After all, The Sun has long since dropped the "Lady" and "McCartney" from most reports about her:
Heather 'a liar and cheat' By GIOVANNA IOZZI -
HEATHER MILLS found fame and riches beyond belief when she became Mrs Paul McCartney.

Heather Mills: Macca beat me up By TONY BONNICI October 18, 2006 -
SIR Paul McCartney has been accused of beating up his estranged wife Heather Mills.

The astonishing claim — which Macca is expected to furiously deny in court — comes in papers lodged by Heather’s divorce lawyers.

Mucca is a bloody LIAR By RICHARD WHITE CLODAGH HARTLEY and ALEX PEAKE October 25, 2006
HEATHER Mills last night threatened to sue The Sun — as supermodel Kate Moss became the latest to expose her as a LIAR.

... and so on, and so on. But perhaps she's up to something when she makes the Sun drop her title and Paul's surname when it writes about her.