Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Tonight, they're rock and roll veterans

Our stomach clenched a little with the news that Oasis are lining up to do five songs at tonight's Brits:

The group are then scheduled to perform 'Cigarettes & Alcohol', 'The Meaning Of Soul', 'Morning Glory', 'Don't Look Back In Anger' and 'Rock 'N' Roll Star'.

Good bloody God: presumably ITV will have wandered off to show something with dinosaurs and/or Trevor McDonald in long before the end of that little bunch? After all, there's not much point in the Brits running past ten o'clock anyway, as it's the Preston strop on Never Mind The Buzzcocks tonight and, frankly, missing that to see Oasis doing Meaning of Soul (nope, us neither) isn't much of an attractive proposition.

Meanwhile, Noel has been wittering away about the next album:
"Our producer Dave Sardy is coming over for the BRITS so I guess we'll have a chat and kick around some ideas. I've got eight songs that I'm pretty happy with.

"Liam has got one of two that he thinks are brilliant. I fancy doing something more elaborate with this one. It's about time."

But every bloody time you suggest that the last album was just treading water and the next one is going to be amazing, until you... how many songs? Liam's got two... happy... clear the table, mother, I think I'm going...