Thursday, February 01, 2007

What cocaine does to your memory

In the space of one OK column, Kerry Katona manages to contradict herself something awful. First, she talks about being fined for using a mobile phone while driving:

"I was only calling Mark to see if he wanted anything from the chippy so it was a stupid move.

"I've got no one else to blame but I've learned me lesson - and got a £30 fine."

Thirty quid is a lot of Iceland Mini Sausage Rolls. But hang on, when she dealing with claims she's been texting ex-husband Brian McFadden:
"I don't even own a mobile at the moment, so how could I?"

Surely that would have been a cast-iron defence when the police stopped her using a mobile while driving?

Of course, this is a little like the time when Max Clifford stood up and told the press Kerry had never used drugs, ever shortly before Kerry told the press how she'd done a lot of cocaine after McFadden left her.


Anonymous said...

Well, much as I hate to defend the low-rent scouse hoover, both could be right. She could've lost her phone between being stopped by the cops and the alleged text messages to her ex-husband.
That said, anyone who uses a mobile whilst driving should be hit in the face with a spade.

Anonymous said...

"anyone who uses a mobile whilst driving should be hit in the face with a spade"

Looking at the last Iceland campaign, I think somebody already did.

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