Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Working Class Hero is nothing to see

A planned documentary on the life of John Lennon has been canned, apparently after Yoko Ono pulled out. Ono seems to have taken the hump that the programme was shaping up to be a biography rather than a hagiography and - presumably worried how the stuff about drugs, dumping on Cynthia and so on would affect sales of John Lennon branded baby toys - cut her support.

EMI, who frankly have other things to worry about right now - say that, no, actually, the programme was dropped "because it wasn't finished in time to coincide with an album release."

If it's really true that EMI scrap hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of work on a documentary because it didn' fit in with the release of yet another "best of" collection, we might have an indication why they're doing so poorly. After all, Lennon seems to be a source of fascination even when there's not a pile of a slightly repackaged CD with Imagine on cluttering up the shops. If it's really true.