Tuesday, March 13, 2007


R Kelly is a man who has some trouble with numbers - mostly trying to juggle the different States' ages of consents. Nevertheless, he's using a number to promote his new single (it sounds, unfortunately, exactly as you'd imagine) by taking a phoneline - 312-278-3965 - for people to contact him in some way. "Call R Kelly at the Chocolate Factory and leave him a message", you're encouraged by his PR team.

Nobody - and I must stress this - is encouraging you to ring that number and ask him how that filming of the sex with the underage girl case is going. And it would be really, really terrible to ring the number and say "Hello? R. Kelly? I just wanted to register my support for your right to send your child to a private school despite having been education secretary." Treat his number with respect, please.

Still, handy to have that number to use when filling out online registration forms, isn't it?