Sunday, March 11, 2007

Beckhams life imitates Sleeping Beauty, a little

You'll recall in Sleeping Beauty the failure to invite the bad fairy to a slap-up party ended up with misery being rained down upon everyone - although we've never quite seen why it took 100 years before someone came to have a look at what happened, to be honest. A century and nobody thought "whatever happened to that castle, then?" and not so much as a property developer trying to sort out ownership so they could turn it into homes in multiple occupation. Anyway, something similar - without the evil, and fairies, and sleeping, has happened to Victoria and David.

David West contributed to one of their charity events - a handsome hundred grand, in fact - to get himself an invite to last year's NSPCC party. Trouble was, he claims that the organisers were a bit sniffy about someone like him rubbing shoulders with the fabulous people, and so offered him some sort of second-class invite. He said no; now he's suing the Beckhams for a million quid for, uh, some reason we're having trouble following. Wounded feelings?

Don't worry, though: we're sure, even if they lose, the Beckhams won't take the money back from the orphans and abused kiddies.