Thursday, March 08, 2007

Guns N Roses fans actually have a breaking point

Having waited thirteen summers for a new album, and even bought tickets when the band featured a guy in a KFC bucket in the line-up, Guns N Roses fans have finally decided enough is enough, and shuttered GNRonline. With a message:

"The lack of respect, clearness and mutual loyalty are just some of the reasons that has brought us down to this painful conclusion...we just can't afford the waste our heads on a project that has never even taken us into consideration.

"We still want to believe in Axl Rose and his record and we greatly wish that 'Chinese Democracy' would see the light of day before February 2008. If that will be the case we will make our best effort to re-open the site otherwise our domains will be lost and that will be the end of it."

Well, if the interest of the world, the need to make some money, the pressure of record industry executives and the desire to right the impression that he's little more than a half-assed buffoon isn't going to focus Axl's mind, the deadline imposed by the expiration of a fan's domain name will certainly give him something to work towards.

We wish they'd actually nailed two planks and painted "Go away - KEEP OUT" on the front of the site.


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