Saturday, March 17, 2007

Joss Stone hit by Dallas' arsey growl

After the seven-page Joss Stone thanks comes a full-force Joss Stone attack. Dallas Austin popped up on YouTube detailing how great it is to work with her:

"It's not my problem that she was fucking Novel and then she fucking Saadiq. You go in the studio and girls like Joss are just trying to get as much attention as they can from producers. The girls in studios and producers are known to have relationships. Beau rang me every five minutes saying she was the most wonderful girl in the world, I said, 'Don't fall for that shit'."

The video seems to have vanished, apparently after Joss Stone's camp asked for it to go. They're afraid this sort of thing might make Joss look even lamer than she'd already managed to make herself seem. The Mirror have rustled up an "insider" to push the the point:
A musicbiz insider said: "This is the last thing Joss needs. There are concerns that the people she's hanging around with might be leading her astray.

"But to hear such a well-respected producer slagging her off in such a public manner will devastate her. She will be humiliated by her private life being exposed in such a tawdry way."

Dallas, you'll note, isn't thanked on the current iteration of the Joss Stone thank you page.


Anonymous said...

THE MIRROR make the mistake saying BEAU called Dallas,they mean NOVEL,who is DALLAS' artist!!
NOTE THO the stoner ppl do not deny anything,only say she will be sad!!!
Fact is,she WAS sleeping with Novel,and now Saadiq.she also,as Dallas said,tried to give Novels songs to Saadiq,she did same with Beau Dozier's song,she had Saadiq re-do it,then put it as a hidden track,meaning Dozier wouldnt get production or album credits
ALSO,she used the Dozier name for a good long while in USA then dumped him when she got an ego,she's doing same with SAADIQ now.
Dont hate Dallas for stating facts,he NEVER claimed tht HE slept with her,thts the press not listening properly.HE also says nice things about other artists who are all about the music.
Stone herself has been doing plenty of bitching lately,mostly directed at her ex,whom she has said some pretty nasty stuff,she also has slagged PARIS,LINDSAY etc,and SHE started the beef with Dallas herself..she must know,since she's trying to be a ghetto superstar,tht one day someone was gonna retaliate againgst her

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said it all. Yeah, and it wasn't the ex Beau who called Dallas, it was Dallas's boy NOVEL who she was doing it with after LEMAR, and then she dumped NOVEL for SAADIQ! Joss is self managing, which means its a load of crap that "her people are afraid of who she's hanging out with". She is in TOTAL charge of herself, no people UNLESS she hires them, and they're not talking...they're not denying, because this Soul DIVA has made her own bed by dissing DALLAS in and he wasn't gonna let her diss his boy NOVEL. Joss DESERVES for the truth to come out on her ass, HO that she is!

Anonymous said...


And it's there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I dont know why ppl are on at Dallas,we all know this stuff goes on!! The public shouldve realised when Stone was photographed with tht Novel guy,how quick she hooked up with him.She didnt deny it then!!
What does she expect to happen,she's been dissing plenty ppl herself lately.
She takes the tracks n dumps the guy.Saadiq will be gone too,as soon as she's milked the publicity from tht dalliance too

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