Saturday, March 17, 2007

Pulling back the chain

The Scotsman meets up with Jim Reid to find out the motivation for the Mary Chain reunion. Could it be money?

"Obviously, or I'd be lying to you - and I hate when other people do that. I'm not rich. I'm not lighting cigars with £50 notes. I've got a family, and it's a consideration. I'm not saying I'm doing it for the money but I'd be a fool if I said it didn't matter."

Still, it must be nice to have all that falling-out and bad blood firmly in the past. It is in the past, isn't it, Jim?
"It's never going to be perfect. Me and William will always yell at each other. We always have, we always will. I don't really know how it's gonna go, nobody does. But we have to do this to find out whether it's going to work or not. I really am nervous. We haven't played music together for about ten years, so it's going to be... interesting."

At the word "interesting", a dozen venue managers run fingers around the inside of their collars and double-check their insurance policies.

Of note to shoegazers, reformed and otherwise, is the detail that drummer for the tour will be Loz Colbert, formerly of Ride (that's Bobby Gillespie stood down, then - clearly the brothers Reid decided they wanted more than one drum being tapped throughout the show) and Phil King out of Lush will be doing the bass.