Saturday, March 03, 2007

Robbie Williams is not going to be bothered by his mam telling all

Were we locked into some sort of American spa, desperately trying to beat our love of Junior Disparol, we'd be desperately hoping that someone close to us would be busily flogging stories of our shit life to all and sundry.

We're sure that's what's motivated Jan Williams to flog her story to The Sun. Curiously, Jan is an addiction counsellor, but happily, since it would be unethical for her to have her own son as a patient, she's not bound by any worries about confidentiality.

So, who's to blame for Robbie's addictions, Jan?

She blamed the pressure of Robbie’s 12-month world tour on his latest problems — and revealed that turning 30 began the new crisis as he questioned his lifestyle.

But she also revealed being thrust into pop stardom as a teenager with TAKE THAT left him mentally scarred and sowed the seed for his addictions.

Work, time, Take That. Jan's not afraid to share the blame around, is she? We can't help but wonder if there's someone missing off that list, but... no, can't quite put our finger on it.

So, what's the solution? The love of a good woman, apparently:
She said Robbie’s eventual salvation could be meeting his perfect woman.

She revealed: “He has said he would like a family. A lot of people around him have got married but it’s difficult in the industry he’s in.”

It's curious that "a lot of people around" him manage to get married despite it being "difficult in the industry" - it's not like he's in the sodding army where forming a relationship can be hard because of the upheaval and constant, gnawing threat of a partner being killed by plans to surge into a civil war or whatever. Tom Jones has managed to be married for fifty years; countless musicians make good and strong marriages. The ones who don't tend to have character flaws which the entertainment industry finds too easy to excuse - but the original problems aren't created by being a singer.