Saturday, March 31, 2007

Stones cool on global warming

The Rolling Stones have denied they're going to be top of the bill at Al Gore's London global warming gig, as they'd have to cancel their Rome date to be there.

And The Stones never cancel tour dates. Unless, you know, one of them falls out a tree, or something. Or goes into rehab. Or if it makes fiscal sense to relocate an entire leg of the tour into a different tax year. Or if everyone will be at home watching one of those history-sized gigs like Live Aid on their telly that night.

Hang on... we might have a winner...


Anonymous said...

If the Rolling Stones had never existed, Britain would probably be contributing to climate change far less seriously than it is.

The Knitter said...

The Stones didn't do Live Aid, besides if that Dublin gurrier Bono wants to be the next pope he should try for it without the Stones help.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Erm... The Knitter: Nobody said that the Stones played Live Aid; and Bono and Al Gore are two different people. Although doubtless Bono will try and seize Live Earth for part of his bid to become King of something. Vote Saxon!

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